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Don’t Know Anything About Business? Read This Book And Sexyrealsexdoll…

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The head is among the most significant features of the RealDoll. The lips are flexible and can be stretched just like real women's. The hinged jaw can be closed and opened realistically. To enhance the experience the soft tongue can be removed. The mouth cavity is ribbed for most realistic sex dolls extra pleasure. RealDoll's sexy features make it the most realistic sex dolls. Whether you are seeking the gentle touch or a full-blown sexual experience, this doll will provide the pleasure you want!


If you're looking for a realistic sexually active doll, realistic love doll Harmony is an excellent choice. The weight and size of the Harmony vary depending on your preference and the doll can be placed in a variety of positions. The real-doll's eyes and mouth look exactly like humans. There are a variety of customization options which include different body types and hairstyles. For the best result, we recommend using the real-doll version.

The company behind the Harmony sexdoll has been working with Abyss Creations and other tech companies to make these robots more realistic and lifelike. Harmony dolls for sex that have artificial intelligence (A.I.) will be available by the end 2012. The dolls will feature blinking eyes, a mouth that moves and a personalised small talk. Harmony's customized face costs $17,000. You can also purchase the head for $10,000. The company is developing software and sensors that will allow Harmony to respond to touches.

The Harmony sexuality doll is based on an artificial intelligence (AI) that is able to recognize the habits and preferences of its owner. The robot can be programmed to mimic your preferences and make you feel intimate and in control of your sex experience. Its voice and animations are controlled by an app. To make your experience more enjoyable, the robot can be equipped with a Bluetooth speaker. Realbotix is currently working on adding sensors to Harmony to allow it to be able to perform more efficiently.

Within the literature about dolls for sex, three clinical cases and two medical papers have been published. Danielle Knafo studied Jack, who was a patient of psychotherapy aged 48 who had a difficult childhood and two failed marriages. The patient bought a RealDoll Maya doll for more than 10,000 dollars. These dolls are suitable for women and children according to the writer.


If you're interested to see real sexdolls, Natalia is the perfect choice. This blonde beauty is a beautiful combination of soft waves and blue eyes. Her skin is a little sun-kissed. She's 2 feet tall and weighs 55 pounds. Her body is extremely realistic, with full breasts, beautiful cleavage, and tempting vagina. You can dress Natalia in nearly any attire and she's posable to pose. With her flexible limbs, Natalia can stand on her own.

One of the most impressive features of Natalia is her realistic facial features. Natalia is a real-feeling face under your fingers due to the TPE material. She has inviting eyes and a mouth that is full of kissable, clitoral, and genital features. Her body is also very realistic, with three fully functional holes. It is hard to find a sexdoll so lifelike and so much fun!

Natalia's natural beauty comes with an additional benefit. She can't self-lubricate so you'll need to apply lube to her before using it. The real doll's canals are highly textured and she comes with detergent and a douche. The doll ships from the UK via an UK courier. She is among the largest sexdolls available with a weight of nearly 15 pounds in the package.

If you're in the market for a real doll to sex, you should always pick one that's safe. Natalia is secure and will satisfy your sexual fantasies. With realistic features and most realistic sex dolls non-toxic substances, this doll is a great option for a special event or just to have fun! You will feel like a real lady each time you wear it!


OV Doll has hundreds of dolls made of TPE and silicone to choose. You can even customize the doll you want to own according to your preferences, like an alternative gender or appearance. The collection of adult toys is popular throughout the USA and Europe. OV Doll also offers customisable outfits and accessories. Although not the best choice for everyone, you can find that perfect doll to fulfill all your desires.

OV Doll is a Japanese company that has sales offices in the UK and the USA and a factory in GuangDong, China. They make sex-themed dolls and accessories for them, ranging in the price range of $120 to $2000. OV Doll currently offers two models. The Adriana Five-foot sex doll, costs $700. The company also offers a custom build service, which means you can pick a design that matches your personal taste.


Robotic companion is one of the latest sexdolls. This robot is warm to the touch, and it simulates orgasm. AI software allows you to customize the robot's appearance, speech and other features to fit your preferences. There are some downsides to owning dolls, however they are far more beneficial than the negatives. These are the top three.

Despite its artificial intelligence, RobotCompanion isn't as real as it seems. It's not exactly a life-like robot however, the company has invested in improving its artificial intelligence to enhance its performance. The robot can resemble human facial expressions and respond to commands. The robot can also be controlled using your tablet, smartphone, or video game controller.

The humanoid AI sex model will satisfy all your sexual fantasies and give you to spend hours of pleasure. The robot will never berate you or reject you for sexual harassment. It will fulfill all of your sexual desires, without any hesitation. RobotCompanion's doll doll sexdoll is an ideal alternative to real-life partner.

RealDoll is not the only product produced by the company. Realbotix, a robotic talking head is also available. The Realbotix talking heads can be attached to RealDoll bodies to create the illusion of a sense. It is controlled by the RealDollX application for Android devices. The dolls also come with a magnet head for attaching faces to them. RobotCompanion also created a robotic sexual doll for males called Henry. Henry is expected to be 6 feet tall and weigh 84 pounds.


Abyss Creations has created an artificial intelligence app that allows you to see the most popular sexdoll on the planet in virtual form. Although the majority of these dolls are non-interactive, Abyss is collaborating with two companies to create an application for robots to improve the RealDoll experience. Abyss also plans to introduce interchangeable robotic heads to its RealDolls before the end of this year, which it says will make them "more realistic." This will allow the dolls to react with a more realistic response to the stimulation they receive from their owners, for example, asking about their day or discussing their latest adventure.

The Abyss RealDoll, unlike many other sexdolls can be made to order. This allows the user to select the kind and color the nipple they would like to have for their new partner. Each nipple is created to order using the mold to create the nipple. Then, it is it is then slid onto the doll while it is in a waiting phase. Abyss also makes wearable prosthetic breasts.

The company also employs a range of experts to design its models. McMullen's career began as an artist and sculptor in the college years. McMullen began making Halloween masks, and later he created a full-size poseable humanoid mannequin. McMullen posted a photo of the mannequin on his website. People began to request replicas with functioning genitalia. He began to realize the potential of his invention.

Abyss Creations has been a highly-respected sexdoll manufacturer due to its successes. In 2016, the company's "female' model, Harmony, won the XBIZ award for "Sex Doll Brand of The Year in the USA and is set to move its headquarters to Las Vegas, Nevada, in August.

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